Dish program guide not updating

04-Apr-2018 21:34

Beyond that, DIRECTV’s pricing is transparent and consistent.DISH is cheaper than DIRECTV at face value, but what will your bill look like over the course of two years?On top of that, DISH consistently proves itself to be among the best in the television service industry, including cable and fiber providers.

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We’ll break down how your bill looks after you factor in installation, equipment charges, and additional fees.DISH wins because it has consistent prices, and they’re lower than DIRECTV’s. Most companies, including DIRECTV, tend to increase the monthly package price after the first year.With DISH, you can budget for two years with confidence—the only variables are taxes and user-controlled purchases like add-on packs, premium channels, and on-demand rentals.The thing that sticks out the most about DISH’s non-advertised pricing is the DVR Service Fee.

Although not everyone uses a DVR, it’s commonplace enough that we believe it should be included as part of any new TV subscription.

So even if you don’t know what premium channels you want yet, this free trial period lets you get an idea of which channels you can’t live without.