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( DORBA - 23th June, 1952) SITUATION IN ZONE A OF THE FTT Sloven is fo fib i d Ce N to TJse the Ir language at meetings of Trieste city COUNCIL (Trieste, 27th June) In commenting on the first meeting of the newly elected City Council of Trieste, Primorski Bn e vn i V- notes that this meeting represents one of the most shameful pages in the history of the co-callcd ’'Defenders of Democracy 11 in Trieste.

The Slovenes of Trieste, says the paper, are^ still fighting for the .

The People’s Front organizations will compete with!

their respective districts; however, there are examples Front committees of some of the districts have invitee.

The People’s Committees, as well as federal and republican economic apparatus, will prepare the proportions of the social plans in the limits of their rights, complete data concerning production and distribution of the national revenue in the districts, the carrying-out of legal regulations in economy, etc* Most of the experts for the Feopie’s Committees and enter- prises, after the unification of the economic apparatus will be given by the Republican Councils for Industry* _As we learned, about 15 highly-qualified exports of tils.

council in B 5s H will be appointed as directors in large economic enterprises and 2$ of them will take up duties as chief engineers in different industrial enterprises.

■ may* 1949 3V Approved For CLASSIFICATION CIA-RD 15R0123001 10009 . It is intended for the use of the participating missions and not for general distribution. Could you tail us something about your impressions of our country?

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s front of Serbia Many of the People Front organizations of Serbia have decided at their meetings to hold competitions in honour of the oxx^h Congress of the CPY, , Members of the People’s Front gave the incentive for these competition S/^Srl mainly consist of political, culturaj.-educational and physical culture work, health education and improvements of towno an villages. ITS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION ■ OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO- ■ hi BITED BY LAW. Answer: The economic structure of both the countries, supple- ment other, in a most harmonious manner in difierent sectors * Therfe /all conditions for future building-up and strengthening of trade exchange between Austria and Yugoslavia, namely a development w r hich will be of interest to both the countries a Tae cultural, relations which are continuing to develop favourably are creat?

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