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This pattern usually comes into evidence around the age of 15.If it is not treated, it can develop into adulthood.Treatment for antisocial personality disorder is usually through group psychotherapy.Sociopaths often find it helpful to talk through and recognize their problems with people they can trust. The sociopath is now described as someone with antisocial personality disorder.The main characteristic of a sociopath is a disregard for the rights of others.He or she may appear friendly and considerate, but these attributes are usually superficial.

Movies, Kim Possible, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mighty Ducks, Rizzoli & Isles, Incredible Hulk, Tarzan, Lion King, Dirty Harry, Thor, Misc.

Visible symptoms include physical aggression and the inability to hold down a steady job.

The sociopath also finds it hard to sustain relationships and shows a lack of regret in his or her actions.

I don't mind critisism, but telling me I'm an idiot who shouldn't ever have children is severely over the line.

If you criticize my story, at least allow me the right to present my point in a reply and don't insult me personally.Although these symptoms are all present, they may not always be evident.

However, one particularity of the human species is that pair bonds are often formed without necessarily having the intention of reproduction.… continue reading »

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Functions Strings Objects and Arrays Comments Lexical Scoping and Variable Safety If, Else, Unless, and Conditional Assignment Splats, or Rest Parameters/Spread Syntax Loops and Comprehensions Array Slicing and Splicing Everything is an Expression Operators and Aliases Existential Operator Destructuring Assignment Chaining Function Calls Bound (Fat Arrow) Functions Generator Functions Async Functions Classes Prototypal Inheritance Switch and Try/Catch Chained Comparisons Block Regular Expressions Tagged Template Literals Modules Embedded Java Script JSX Coffee Script is a little language that compiles into Java Script.… continue reading »

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Karen has helped her best friend Rachel get over her lingering grief by treating her to a makeover and to a boudoir photo session.… continue reading »

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