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On her new single status, the songstress quipped: "I went through an emotionally difficult time last summer and I actually wrote and sung myself songs to get through it.I would sing to myself while I drove on these long drives and I thought to myself, 'I'm so lucky that I can write songs because I can soothe myself with them.'". While we're certainly taken aback by this breakup news, we aren't shocked to learn that Nelly and Demacio handle their split on the DL.The album was noted for its introspective lyrics, live instrumentation and rockier soundscape, something the singer put down to being influenced by her parents' immigration to Canada from the Azores in the 1960s."When I look at my old photo albums, I see pictures of their brand-new house, their shiny new car, their first experiences going to very North American-type places like Kmart," she told ."When you have that in your blood, you never really part with it – it becomes your own personal folklore." In fact, Furtado explained, it was her pregnancy that was a "big part of why the album is so mellow".Indeed, the album was particularly popular with British listeners, and has since sold over 600,000 copies in the UK alone.

I'm proud we were able to celebrate our chemistry on such a large level.

We're here for Nelly Furtado's amazing new album, but we're also here to figure out when she got hit with The Thickness™️. Media (@_ESPRMedia) February 18, 2018I come from a family of tall and skinny Africans and as a young thin child I literally you to cry and pray for a thick body.

Because you were nothing if you were skin and bones in the black community.

"It was a super-inspired time, and it was a cool time for Timbaland too because he was about to get in the studio with Justin Timberlake to record kind of dovetailed into that record, in terms of the vibe."The album presented a new, sleeker version of Nelly Furtado, one who wasn't afraid to exhibit and play with sexuality while applying layers of glossy pop music.

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However, among songs like 'Say It Right' and 'All Good Things', co-written by Coldplay's Chris Martin, the singer retained that lyrical and emotive musical flair..

"I met him and I think we wrote 'The Spirit Indestructible', the title track, on the first day. I was the kid in school that dressed like a hippie one day, then a rapper the next day and then prep the next day.