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09-May-2018 16:40

It's software that manages your source code, by taking snap shots of it at particular points and stores them.You can view all these intervals as milestones in a timeline.I have uploaded new PDFs to our website which replace existing PDFs (same name used in the URL).The new versions of the PDF show up no problem in Google Chrome and Firefox (all I have to do is refresh the web page).If the browser does support the function, the Server-Sent process begins.First, the script creates an object of the Event Source class, passing it the URL of the server side script that will be providing the streamed data updates.In our example server side script we simply generated random numbers, but in your own projects you can carry out other server side processes such as fetching data from different sources, sending fresh information to your users without their browser having to request these updates each time.Check out this tutorial in action here: Pushing Updates to the Web Page Demo Sue Smith works as a Web/ software developer and technical writer based in the UK: see for details.

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When this happens, the script simply gets a reference to the update page element and writes the new data to it.

Both Pages and Posts have associated titles and content and the Look and Feel of the website will not change between the two.

Decide if your current content needs editing or if you need to add new content to your site.

The placeholder text should only appear when the page first loads, but will disappear when the script runs.

Because we want the function to continue receiving and handling updates, we add the script section in the body of the page.More articles by Sue Smith Git is a free open source distributed version control system.

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