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19-Aug-2017 19:59

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” # “I remember my first year here when it was not unusual to go to bars or clubs and see a good ratio of attractive women to men. Most of the girls that move out here don’t come to pursue modeling careers. Not as much pressure to stay in shape.” # “The only chicks who move to DC seem to be chubby, pasty white girls who have grad degrees in Poly Sci or Public Relations (or some other bullshit) and want to work in a gubbymint job or for a non-profit.” # “Go out to a bar in DC this weekend. A few of the attractive girls I have smashed have also told me they thought the women here were mostly ugly. The pool of attractive women is a lot smaller here then it is in LA/NYC or Miami.” # “There’s a map that claims that there is a higher proportion of single women to men in the DC area.

The elements left unfunded are: All of these elements are pivotal to improving our education of students with disabilities in a timely and effective way, and in ensuring that our students with disabilities create productive and independent futures.

As a parent of two of those 12,000 students, I know the agony of “fear and time.” My children are teenagers and are currently working with their teachers, related service providers and our family and friends to develop proactive secondary transition plans (as required under IDEA).