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09-Aug-2017 08:56

There are also closely related elements to let you select a month (input type="month"), week (input type="week"), time (input type="time"), date and time in global format (input type="datetime"), and date and time in local format/timezone (input type="datetime-local").

Note that the library incorrectly reports that the latest version of Safari (5.1.7) does not support date input, when in fact it does (albeit with a much poorer interface than Chrome and Opera).

The value of "list" should be the id of a "datalist" element that contains "option" elements giving the choices.

Note that the new (and poorly named) HTML5 "autocomplete" attribute is not used for these lists of choices, but instead is a flag that tells the browser whether or not it should used stored form values from previous sessions.

There are two keys to understanding why the automatic fallback works consistently in all major browsers: (unless "foo" is a recognized input type or "bar" is a recognized attribute of the input element).

For each of the new input types, we present a high-level description, an overview of the syntax, a description of the main attributes, a summary of which current browsers support it, and an example you can experiment with in your browser.

On change, Opera adds " to the front of URLs that lack it.

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So, all of value, step, min, and max can be omitted.Safari claims to support URL input, but has no difference in look or behavior.