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This schema is read-only and contains some views and other schema objects. The catalog name has no relation to the file name of the database. Schema objects are database objects that contain data or govern or perform operations on data.

The views contain lists of all the database objects that exist within the catalog, plus all authorizations. A name is an identifier and is unique within its name-space. Each database has also an internal "unique" name which is automatically generated when the database is created. By definition, each schema object belongs to a specific schema.

Therefore a column name is prefixed with a table name, a table name is prefixed with a schema name, and a schema name is prefixed with a catalog name. Hyper SQL extends the SQL standard to allow renaming all database objects. RENAME TO command has slightly different forms depending on the type of object. SQL_TEXT and SQL_IDENTIFIER are implementation defined. Hyper SQL defines SQL_TEXT as the UNICODE character set and SQL_IDENTIFIER as the UNICODE character set minus the SQL language special characters.

If an object is referenced in a VIEW or ROUTINE definition, it is not always possible to rename it. SQL_TEXT consists of the full set of Unicode characters.

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A collation can also be used in an ORDER BY clause. The supported collations are named according to the language. If you add a strength between 0, 1, 2, 3, the case sensitivity and accent sensitivity changes.

The default database collation is the same as the system collation.