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14-Aug-2017 01:54

NC shop manuals might be hard to come by, but an NC person reading this thread will want to find out if the NC is a CAN car, first, so they get the right reader.

The RX8 was the first Mazda to go CAN; I'd be surprised if most of the '06 line hasn't followed suit.

I'm sure others here would strongly prefer even more diagnostic fesature$ while others would very happily make do with a simpler diagnostic scanner yet.

The ability to spell out isn't worth much if your vehicle codes aren't in the database stored inside the device.

It would also be interesting to know how many Miata owners (who also happen to be "shade-tree" mechanics) decided to not even buy a diagnostic scanner--- given the complexities of today's computer-based electronics.

I suspect many here stick to performing traditional mechanical/electrical type work, then just farm out their car's ECU and sensor type work to their local service shop.

I didn't come across any that did FF and didn't attempt to print out some text for the code.

My Auterra does; I just ignore it and read the shop manual.

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pid=16150 Here's a manufacturer link to the equivalent Geniscan GS500: course, there are plenty of other similar models by other manufacturers on today's market.

:) When your fancy code reader tells you to check the MAP sensor on your Miata, how long will you look for that part? Of course, that "database" is really the field service manual for the car which you should have, anyway.

You're going to have to look there (where it is indexed by code) to see the diagnostic tree to fix the problem, anyway, so why pay more to have a LCD print out what you'll be reading in a minute anyway? How many testers are capable of ODB-II freeze frame that don't also display nice LCD text?

-Rich I'm sure there are plenty, but they aren't fixing or diagnosing their cars and are more likely just staying in the shop out of hobby.

Maintenance (what a lot of shade-tree work really is) doesn't need much in the way of electronic tools.see here: ZView Item QQcategory Z43989QQitem Z46336686 96QQrd Z1 If the link does not work, the scanning tool is called Ctool and is manufactured by Teknologix. Here's a fairly capable one that sells on e Bay for around 5 (or less) plus another for shipping: could be wrong but I think the above Geniscan GS400 is functionally similar to the more expensive Actron Superscanner models. The next Geniscan model up, the GS500, also supports viewing of live engine data parameters (PIDs).