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13-Mar-2018 03:02

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I think you'll find a TG chat room to be one of the friendliest places you could ever visit.

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- would go something like the following: "Do you know a T-Girl by the name of Renee Reyes?

Sending uninvited "pm's" over and over, is a quick way to lose the interest of most any girl.

There is a time and place to be "sexually" playful. I finally had a chance to first meet Larry at SCC in 1999: we’ve remained close friends since.

In TS chatroom surveys, I have found that most TS girls don't consider admirers to be confident males.

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"He's not secure in himself," said one girl, talking about one guy in particular, as well as other admirers in general. Apparently in a lot of cases, say the ladies, he stands her up, ticking her off and wasting her evening.

It is the so-called "admirer." Are admirers men that TS girls will find to be relationship material? But first, let's consider what women admire in a man, so the differences are clear.