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NAS Brunswick, Maine 1981-1984, rounded out my Navy career.

This was the beginning of a very colorful and rewarding career.Deployment to PI in 1981 was completed during the timeframe of Med cruises taking shots at Libya. Joined VP-6 Blue Sharks in NAS Adak, Alaska in the worst winter in 2000 years in December 87 with Raul Addoms, it was an FE open book exam every flight.I miss one Shipmate dearly, AXC Blair who died later in the mid 1980's. My request of information on him was answered by several Shipmates, including his CO. ;-) I flew many flights as a non-aircrewman to help out on battered Super B ASW equipment and to enhance communications between AW's TACCO's and repair. ASW searchs and "Time on Top" was by far the best ride that a salior could ask for. ..." [25APR2006] AGEE, AWC Mike Retired Mike [email protected]"... Survived a deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and NSF Diego Garcia in the summer of '89.Great career, too many unforgetable Shipmates to mention and a lifetime of great memories I wouldn't trade for anything..." [12JAN2000] ALLEN, AW1 Larry H. I was attached to VS-30 both in NAS Norfolk, Virginia, and NAS Boca Chica, Florida from 1958-61.

Was an AD3 in Power Plants Div., then transferred to the Line Div.

as a Plane Captain and Line crew trouble shooter, this was all in NAS Norfolk, Virginia, after we transferred to Key West, I was Line Maint.