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Also it casts a poor light on you if you're bagging on (repeated? But sometimes the messages I get from the dating sites are so hilarious and off the wall I will admit to having shown them to guys before - and they've done the same. Effort from both ends, courting, impressing, wondering, teasing, and never being a sure thing too soon.:-) One of my favorite phases of dating that so many people rush thru.One was to the point that she was showing me messages and laughing at them leaving me wondering "why are you even accepting dates? of the dating threads I am really, REALLY careful about talking about exes or guys I've dated.Most of the guys I've dated are really great guys, just not great for me. Slow, steady, enjoy the wanting phase as long as you can!Or at least my horny friends (and both Male and Female) The ones that get me are the people who so obviously have not read your profile.Things like "Endurance Sports are very important to me at this point in my life" would seem to be a magnet for those who have no interest in sports at all... Leegoocrap - 2013-04-17 AMThe ones that get me are the people who so obviously have not read your profile.I would like to find a nice/fun girl who shares some of my interests Allendale Michigan triguy02 31 Man Seeking Women Ever felt like you forgot your towel while hitch-hiking through Betelgeuse?

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I've learned over time who my conditional friends are ...

About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking to meet someone within 10 years of my age(in either direction)that has similar interests. About Guys I Want To Meet: Anonymous Tops Multiple Partners Guys into ATM/DP Guys into threesomes or more Guys who dont mind me showing off at the beach or pool $.post(" Swim bike run all the time Looking for a training buddy and fun times after training. Fooled around a couple times in college, but not since. About Guys I Want To Meet: No particular type of guy. I live in a rented house in Bendigo and can meet discreetly at most times.