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07-Oct-2017 06:36

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Just enter some randm values (DON'T enter the value "Update" for @Action) - the query will be accpeted and saved, but because you didn't enter "Update" it didn't actually update anyway... The second dataset we'll call "delete", and will do its job when the value of @Action is "Delete" - but it's actually another UPDATE statement in SQL terms - it's just updating all your answers back to NULL. This needs to be added the update statements, because it needs to run in order to refresh the report display after the changes.

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Create a dataset and insert a query: For the report you work you have to add some variable parameters here.

If the report or shared dataset item does not have a default value specified in the definition, you must specify a value.

If a default value exists, you do not need to provide one here.

Since datasets are (in their basic form) just SQL statements, there's absolutely no reason why that statement can't be, say, and UPDATE or an INSERT statement. The database design you'll use in reality falls in to the category I mentioned earlier... You're going to add a couple of UPDATE statement datasets, but you have to write update statements that are only going to update the database when you want it to.

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I've no experience with this, but I'm assuming it could even be, say, a DROP DATABASE statement - but I'm not sure I can really seea use for that sort of thing! Here's a screenshot of what the demo in this repository looks like on screen: For this example, the SQL file is a script which sets up a little table and inserts a few rows of data - in this case it's the 3 rows of data you see in the screenshot, recording a question and a respose. Please note: it's a very simplified example, and obviously isn't configured for multiple user entry, addding questionnaires of your own etc - it's just an example. You know your way around this already, but there is one litle extra trick you need for this example to work. Step 2: Update statements Then comes another little leap of imagination.

You can then modify the refresh plan options and save the plan with a new description.

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