Spiritual soulmates dating

19-Dec-2017 11:30

Another type spiritual soul mate connection are the karmic ties, they are people from your past life and have unfinished business, so there is a need to reconnect. Well the soul wants to be free of any karmic ties and the only way is to complete a closure on these relationships.

Lets find out what the spiritual connection between these different types of relationships are, trust me there are many, from my personal experience having gone through 100’s of soulmate experiences.

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All of these relationships belong to the same category of soulmates, pretty much they are very equal spiritually, however from experience they hold something different for everyone, example if you know someone who is going through the same relationships as you, its never the same spiritual connection.

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Our karmic cycle has something different for each of us.

That God is preparing the both of you for each other , and when you are ready you will meet? I don't believe in the Christian aspect of God, I follow the Wiccan path myself.