Speed dating one act play

27-Mar-2018 18:20

The play was written by Sean Jacklin and directed by Nick Swan.The same problem of authenticity plagued "Lost in Her," about a same-sex couple stuck in a love-hate relationship and wallowing in drink and drugs.Claudius, King Hamlet and the Ghost can, and probably, should be played by the same actor. Thyme travels to Transylvania to find out why the country has experienced a sudden shortage of virgins. Hardboiled gumshoe Justin Thyme travels to a Peppermint Bay, a fairy tale land that ain't what it seems to be. Prince Charming's Complaint An agitated Prince Charming vents to an unseen therapist about the pressures of living up to his reputation as every woman's fantasy and how it destroyed his marriages to Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Justin Thyme, the hard boiled fictional detective, gets burned by an old flame by the name of Lady Mac Beth, when he's hired to find out who zotzed the King of Scotland in this hilarious one act send up of Shakespeare's famous play. No sooner does he arrive then his old friend Igor tells him him that the man who summoned him is dead. And will our intrepid gumshoe escape a fate worse than death when Molly proposes they marry and move to the suburbs? Where, a missing dame may or may not want to stay missing. And, where the only possible suspects may or may not have committed a murder that may or may not have been a murder. Solving a murder that may not have been a murder is even harder.

Modern, contemporary and funny one act, ten minute, comedy mystery and short comedy play scripts for immediate download. These comedies have been presented in over 600 venues in 22 countries.As Karen, an acquaintance of the couple, actor Rebecca Kelly struck a true chord here, offering detachment mixed with yearning and sweetness.People who know each other all too well often end up using each other — like addicts stuck with their particular poison.Then there's Prince Hamlet who doesn't know what he wants as well a dame named Ophelia who wants everything including Thyme..

CASTING NOTE: While this plays seems to have a large cast, all, but the lead roles of Thyme, Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude, can be double or triple cast with actors playing multiple speaking roles as well as filling in as members of the royal court, the pirate crew and soldiers.That intimate approach worked well for all three productions, including an intriguing setup for the first play, "Pillar of the Community." The audience ended up effectively as the "mourning" congregation at the funeral of humanitarian Geoffrey Mc Conall, whose coffin occupied the open end of the space along with the priest's lectern.