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Im looking forward to my baby arriving im so excited i cant wait Im just wondering really, can pregnant women date or is that a big social no no? You might have problems finding someone to date though, there are so many men out there that would run screaming when they find out you're pregnant. thanks Irene, i didnt even get round to thinking who might date me i was obsessing too much about wether i could or not lol Yeh your right, i think every man would run a mile at the thought of it!! And if you get a man now, that doesn't care that you're pregnant, and will love your bump, keep him! when i was pregnant and even now i didnt have any support, i dont have any family (well that i talk to because they way i have been treated) i wish i had my family/friends at a time i needed them most. Sorry I am not a single parent but I saw this thread and felt very stongly that I wanted to say to you go for it girl! Also if you find someone who wants to date you and they don't mind that you are pregnant and bond with your bump then you will instantly know that they are good and worth being with, so in some respects you have a crap-man filter already installed!!!Hi Amy, Im sorry it must be difficult for you at times, i know i am extremely lucky to have a family who love and support me i dont know what i would do without them at times. El x Hi Amy, Im sorry it must be difficult for you at times, i know i am extremely lucky to have a family who love and support me i dont know what i would do without them at times. Good luck I hope you find some special for you and your bump and I hope you enjoy looking as that is half the fun!!!x x I'm going to be honest, and I think I'm in the minority here, but I think it's a little tacky to be pregnant with one man's child and be going out with a different man.It's not like I don't understand, I was dumped as soon as DD's sperm donor found out I was pregnant.My partner left me at the start of my pregnancy ( im 22 weeks now ) Im only 20 and im so lonely, and its not a space family, friends or baby things can fill.I know now that we wernt in love, we got pregnant as our contraception failed and i dont belive in was too much for him and he chose to run away instead of stick things out. My brother's dating a pregnant woman, the father ran out on her and she wanted to keep the baby, too.Im not angry, bitter or anything else that hes left me i am just ready to move on with my life. To my mind it's no different than a single mum dating. The way he dotes on that bump, anyone would think he was the father If you're up front with them, then it'll make it easier. you are very lucky if you have family and friends support.

They concentrated on a relationship that was physical in other ways and they said it made their relationship so much stronger cos it wasnt about sex etc.

I'm a 35 year old man, and I've been single for about 18 months, which is the first time since I was about 15.

It's been great being single, but I have recently been Missing the feeling of being in a relationship.

It seems he was only interested in her when she was pregnant?

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It turned out he was desperate for a baby and had had a vasectomy and this was a quick fix for him! Good luck if you do date - personally I wouldn't have the energy whilst pregnant.

i dated a man when i was pregnant, he was totally in love with me and wanted to bring my son up as his own...sadly he cheated on me (it's not black and white..i couldn't forgive him and stay with him) so we broke up...are still friends though although i know he has never really moved on....

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