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21-May-2018 10:39

You could spot Aidan’s clientele a mile off – either because they weren’t one of the regulars/residents who drank in their day and night, or because they were young, trendy, and unnaturally boisterous. On the contrary, it only meant we would be seeing more of Aidan than ever.‘You lie to me, steal from me, and now you grass on me!

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Colourism is a subset of "degreeism" in which members of a marginalized group rank themselves based on how closely they resemble the dominant group.Note also how the changing definitions of desirability have resulted in new and/or different hiring biases over time.Also see But Not Too Foreign, and Ambiguously Brown.Let’s face it he’s already done the same thing with East Enders. Aidan Maguire may look more like the oldest member of Clannad than a menacing gangster to most viewers.

But neither this nor anything else it seems is going to stop the Irish OAP’s plan to take over Albert Square The speed and efficiency of his coup has been almost as ludicrous as the last one (James Wilmott-Brown’s Dagmar Project), targeting a different resident’s business every fortnight.If he can’t stand up to an old folk singer like Aidan, surely the bar owner must know someone from ‘back in the day’ to help him. Menacing: Aidan’s habit of calling Mick Carter ‘Michael’ is a clichéd affectation rather than menacing while his boast (as a criminal) ‘I am at the centre of a very large web’ doesn’t stack up given the small-time level of his operations Mick Carter has always been a ‘family man’, a ‘sweetheart’, and a ‘real diamond’ etc but we’d still expect/want him to be able to cope with a petty criminal like Aidan muscling in on his pub to do a bit of drug dealing.‘I’ve been around East End boozers since you were a twitch in your old man’s trousers !

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