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You will be informed of this during the checkout process.

The surcharges mentioned are for American Express payments only.

While the above list isn't definitive, it does provide an idea of the scope of retailers that accept American Express without charge.

In this list, there may be some retailers, in particular aggregators and marketplaces, that only accept American Express for certain items.

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This is known as a merchant service fee and is why some retailers require a minimum spend in order to accept credit cards. According to the RBA, as at October 2015, the average merchant service fee for American Express cards was 1.70%.Annual fees for American Express cards vary depending on which card you choose to apply for. annual fee for the first year and will then charge you an annual fee thereafter.Details of your annual fee will be provided to you during the application process.Here are some well-known retailers that do not accept American Express (and don't offer Pay Pal payments to get around your card): Stephanie is the travel editor at au.

On top of being an avid traveller, she's an all-round bargain hunter.

In comparison, the average cost of accepting Visa or Mastercard if 0.83% and Diners is 2.16%.