Richard gutierrez and angel locsin dating

14-Jun-2017 22:23

So I feel it's a totally different pregnancy," she explained.

Now that she is about to enter her second trimester, she no longer experience morning sickness, unlike when she was expecting Zion, wherein she used to have morning sickness every day. Besides Richard's good looks, she wants the new baby to have Richard's traits: kind heart, intelligence, courage, thoughtfulness and dedication to his family. Zion's turning five years old, so I think it's time for me to have another baby and not wait until he's 10 years old," Sarah told in an interview, stressing that alongside the wedding, she and Richard have been planning for baby number two all along.

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Both of them have expressed their excitement now that they are working at the same station.

“She was very happy for me, very excited and ang sarap lang ng feeling na makakatrabaho ko ulit si Angel.

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It's good to see familiar faces and work with them and Angel has been a vital person in my career and it's nice to do a reunion project at nauna pa 'yung sa TV,” Gutierrez said in an interview.

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