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06-Dec-2017 04:57

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Since 2004, Online Personals Watch has served as a go-to news resource for people making an impact in the dating industry.An expert on the business side of online dating, Mark Brooks and his wife, Irena, summarize important news stories and interview CEOs and luminaries to provide a complete daily reference on the business of love.While working for CEO/Founder Andrew Conru at Friend Finder in 2003, Mark stumbled upon a frustrating issue.

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Online Personals Watch condenses the endless feed of breaking stories on the online dating industry into pithy articles that cut to the core of an issue’s statistics, consequences, and general impact.

He sidled up to the girl to introduce himself, in English. Luckily, Irena spoke English, and they laughed together well into the night.

About a year later, one shivery cold morning on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Mark dressed up like a beggar and proposed.

Online Personals Watch (OPW) was begun by Mark in 2004, but now he says that his wife takes the lead on it.

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“She’s really pragmatic and very intelligent,” he said.She said “yes.” Today they have three daughters and run a successful business together.