Pisces male dating gemini female

25-Jul-2017 00:27

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The two signs are at right angles in the Zodiac, which means that this can be a challenging match.

These challenges can be overcome with patience, and understanding, but you will both need to be committed in order for it to work between you.

Pisces feelings can be easily hurt in this situation, as she is more sensitive than he is, and feelings are not of the utmost importance to him.

However, a Pisces woman has a lot of powers of persuasion over men, with Gemini not being an exception. You can teach him a lot about the heart, and he has much to show you about the mind.

Their planets are also complimentary, Pisces’ Jupiter, who is all about learning and philosophy, makes Pisces eager to know new things.

Once they calm their continuously thinking mind, Gemini can be very insightful.

If Pisces can allow them this time, they will see that Gemini is not as shallow as they might at first appear, and this will add fodder to relationship.

It also means that they are both flexible, and deal well with change, something that is very good in this couple.

One of the best things about this couple is that they are so companionable.

When the women in the relationship is a Pisces and the man a Gemini, the combination can be a bit unstable.

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