Piltdown man and radiocarbon dating

06-Jan-2018 06:58

Carl Friedrich Gauss, the famous physicist and mathematician, made the first measurement of Earth’s magnetic field in 1835, and it has been measured ever since. Department of Commerce, based on 130 years of measurement, the Earth’s magnetic field will be completely gone by the year A. According to these measurements and projections of a fundamental planetary process, the Earth could not be over 10,000 years old.

Earth’s magnetic field has now been accurately measured for over 150 years, and loses more than half its energy every 1,500 years. Carbon-14 is often assumed to prove that the Earth is millions or billions of years old, but this is a common misconception.

If any of the above assumptions are wrong, projected timelines based on them are almost certainly wrong, and we have no way of determining rock ages.

Whenever we see rocks form today, we always see daughter atoms in the beginning, so evolutionary ideas about rock formation contradict observational science.

No one has successfully challenged Kelvin’s physics to this day, but long age advocates have simply chosen to ignore it.

By both Lord Kelvin’s original calculation and modern ones of this basic planetary movement and continental distribution, the Earth cannot be billions of years old. Projecting backward in time at this proven rate, if the Earth was over 10,000 years old, its 50x stronger magnetic field would have generated enough heat to liquefy the planet, and a million years ago would have completely vaporized the planet.

The most natural explanation for rapid burial of fossils in sedimentary rock (only laid down by water) at all elevations all over the Earth is a worldwide, catastrophic flood.

Contrary to what our science textbooks claim, the most recent fossil evidence reveals that the Earth is not millions or billions of years old, and evolution from one species to another never occurred.

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Analysis of helium content of zircon samples conventionally considered to be over a billion years old revealed extremely high helium retention in these crystals.

Fossils show powerful evidence for a young Earth, creation of distinct creatures, and a worldwide flood, exactly as a straightforward reading of the Bible account and much other ancient history around the world indicates.

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