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In 1937, Wright and his wife purchased 600 desert acres at the foot of the Mc Dowell Mountains and established what is now known as Taliesin West, his winter home and his architectural firm's Southwestern headquarters.

Scottsdale and the rest of Phoenix have seen an everlasting influence from Frank Lloyd Wright.

Although cotton is still grown in southern Arizona, Scottsdale's cotton boom ended with the loss of government contracts at the end of the war.

In 1920, a second resort was opened on 12 acres of the property owned by the artist Jessie Benton Evans.

This growth necessitated development into the flood plain known as the Indian Bend Wash.

Flood plains throughout history have been enticing locations for development due to their flatness, ease of building and inexpensiveness.

but due to an economic downturn, neither was built.

Between 19, due to the construction of the Granite Reef and Roosevelt dams (in 19, respectively), Scottsdale's population experienced a boom, growing steadily during those years.

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Named Scottsdale in 1894 after founder Winfield Scott and incorporated in 1951 with a population of 2,000, the 2015 population of the city is estimated to be 236,839 according to the U. On the west, Scottsdale is bordered by Phoenix, Paradise Valley and unincorporated Maricopa County land.Called the Jokake Inn, meaning "mud house," the structure still stands on the grounds of the world-famous Phoenician Resort.