Park shin hye and jung yong hwa dating 2016

10-Sep-2017 03:28

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Didn't the stylist know that we're waiting for long time just to see your come out with a special appearance not only in dramas/movies? Dearest Park Bo-young❤ Morningg❤ I am die hard fan of yours and i must say that you and minmin are just goals? she has a very beautiful glowing eyes hope to see more of her soon..i also love the 2 handsome guys from that movie a reason that keep me up till 2 am... I just finished "Strong Girl Bong-soon" and it is absolutely my favorite kdrama so far! She was so amazing on the crying scenes, and her expressions were so realistic. really love this actress she is pretty funny and also very talented i want to see more of her in the screen in the future since I have watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I've watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 445 times and am still rewatching it .

Oh My Ghostess was the first drama i had watched but ere i didnt even recogonised you well. Sometimes i just feel like i wish i coukd meet you and minmin in realityyy(hope so) I would be more grateful if you and minmin could again play a role in a new drama till then take a good care❤ lovv yaaa❤ just finish watching "strong girl boong -soon".. Speaking of her voice and reactions, they're so adorable. I started watching the series Strong Woman Do Bong and just finished the complete series and I really liked it. I'm looking forward to watching the series Oh My Ghost. I wish to see you with parkhyungsik in other(drama or movie) .

Both wore head to toe Dior, which for Song Hye Kyo started with a smart beret flowing into a double breasted and back belted A-line skirted trench completed by black tights and platform stilettos.

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It’s a surprise because he wasn’t the male lead of that drama and didn’t have that much screen time for the entire run, but he’s such a critically acclaimed veteran giving it to him almost feels like a lifetime achievement award for all the fantastic performances he’s done for MBC dramas in the past.

Rebel also took home the drama Daesang and the entire cast won various acting awards except curiously for male lead Yoon Kyun Sang who won nothing and wasn’t even in attendance.

i am also a diehard fan of their previous team up and still wishing that the 2 of them will make it's either a movie or kdrama together...

Park Bo young is indeed a young, talented and beautiful k actress... :) Bo Young unnie is a very very talented & cute actress!

i thought it was different person(might be my brain problem though since i couldnt remember things pretty well). Im not a fan of korean movies but aftr i watched Strong Woman, i became a fan boy bcoz of PBY. I wish to see her visit Philippines and have the opportunity to meet and greet her with a warm hug and support. I only watched Oh My Ghost before Strong Woman Bo Dong-Soon and she is truly an actress. A lot of actresses act cute in front of the camera, but it just looks fake. Please date Min Min & Bong Bong i've been watching "strong woman do bong soon" and I freakin love this gosh, Your acting was soooooo good, you looked so cute and adorable and srsly if u were a cake i'd eat you. I love your style too gosh you're like a cute lil white fluffy puppy. You are a sweetie with smiling eyes and a tiny form. I hope someday I can go to korea to see you both personally :). I hope she collaborates again with Jo Jung Suk for future projects... I just collected her movies and dramas, even reality tv shows, commercials and interviews. Her kissing scenes in oh my ghostess broke my heart though. At first I thought Park Bo Young was only like 19 or 20 in werewolf boy and be like 23 in oh my ghostess! And first thing that i hope all this time is, please reunite with Cho Jung Seok oppa in a new drama! You are very talented as you portray the Na Bong Sun and Shin Soon Ae!

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