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original newspaper articles dating during 1944-54

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A competing argument suggests that the true originator of the (1862-1869).

Under the leadership of Charles Carroll Fulton, these newspaper titles were among the few major Baltimore newspapers to be pro-Union during the American Civil War. Three years later, Munsey decided to sell both papers to newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, Sr., who helped to introduce tabloid journalism and sensational headlines to readers in Baltimore.

Its editors and writers produced notable stories and helped make events more vivid and immediate for readers.

For example, in 1814, the , begun by William Goddard on August 20, 1773.

The "Baltimore News American" was a major daily newspaper printed under various titles and multiple forms for over 200 years.

The highlights of the collection are the over one million photographic print and negative images, dating roughly from 1904 to 1986, along with the 1900 microfilm reels of newspaper content, covering a view of Baltimore and Maryland from 1799 to 19 to 1986.

This complex of buildings contained the offices and printing presses. (See series IV, boxes 2 and 4, for more information.) The Library The first known internal library of the newspaper was established around 1902 under the leadership of Charles H. As a result, most of the collected documentation about the internal workings of the newspaper dates only as far back as the early twentieth century.

The first librarians were Ida Herzog, Marie Lambert, and Roxanne Duvall.

original newspaper articles dating during 1944-28

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By 1962, the library had over 2600 catalogued books. Pruce, who worked from 1954 until the closure of the newspaper in 1986, studied the history of the newspaper, and took copious notes detailing previous owners, managers, and transactions.

The materials received included over 1 million photographs from the photograph morgue. William Joynes, a longtime reporter with the newspaper, donated thirty-five volumes of scrapbooks documenting stories he wrote for the newspaper between 19.

Other purchases and donations, including a newsboy apron acquired in 2016, have been incorporated into the collection.

The collection encompasses images of many aspects of the human experience--people, places, and events that occurred in the city of Baltimore, the state of Maryland, and the world--as well as administrative files, one-off publications, ephemera, maps, and memorabilia, detailing the history of the newspaper and its predecessors.

Researchers interested in accessing the photographic series are urged to contact the Department prior to visiting, as the materials may require a special search.

Numerous students and volunteers, including Willem Kalbach, Harrison Gage, Emily K.