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"Some of the best looking men I have met looked grim on their profile. " "Almost all of the men I've met are better looking than their pictures. they're also consistently shorter than they claim to be." That said, Mumsnet users have been known to have a bit of fun spotting men's photo cliches. Opinions differ: some women like to be with a partner who will take the first step; others can't be bothered with hanging around.Do remember that nice, genuine men are often nervous too and find it hard to send the first message.I felt like it put me back in control a bit." Don't give away information that will allow people to find you in real life or on Google.We hate to say it, but there are some unsavoury characters on these sites, and you don't want just anybody to be able to turn up at your front door or in your personal email.There can also be a crossover between men who are happy to make lots of first contacts, and men who are playing the field very hard indeed.So take the plunge and send a message - what's the worst that could happen? Don't just load up a profile and sit back waiting for the offers to flow in.

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"I'm 48, I can see through the bullshit that blinded me when I was younger, and I'm definitely calling the shots." Hard data shows that men tend to reach out to women who are younger than they are, so it's understandable that some women are tempted to lie about their age.

I would sort your photo out seriously before venturing online." "The best thing for me was no profile photo but stating that I would send one.

I got hardly any responses but the ones I did were sensible and I contacted several guys, sending them a picture with my first message.

Use our fun (and not entirely serious) table below to find out which is for you. Coming over the horizon is a new generation of sites set up by women, for women, with nifty features like being able to hide your photos until you're sure you like the sound of someone, or only women being able to send the first message (cutting down, if you'll forgive the vulgarity, on the danger of dick pics and pornographic messages before you've so much as introduced yourselves). Do get a friend - or several - to read your profile and give honest feedback.

It's always useful to get the perspective of the opposite sex (if that's who you're looking to attract) too. Forty-something bookworm who loves crossword puzzles and hates beaches?Examples include: "Try to avoid cliches like 'I love to relax on the sofa with a good bottle of wine and a DVD' - everyone likes that!

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