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In the meantime, please take a look at the list of 'related articles' in the navigation bar just over there to the right.These are the other pages and articles in the same section as this one, so you might be able to find some of what you are looking for there already.The Prinz engine fit into the Norton frame without cutting metal, although a new bolt-on sump needed to be designed to fit a Norton frame.It looked simple, but the reality of mating the NSU engine with a motorcycle gearbox, plus sorting a primary chain, and clutch, and a functioning oil sump, required skilled fabrication.In pursuit of information concerning the fitment of a fastback tail section on late model frames with wide loops. Normal 6 3/4" (will accept fastback tailsection), Wide 7 3/8". Dash or No Dash in frame part number located between the 06 and the 4140 (73), 5404 (74) and 5632 (75E-Start) on the front of the left front tank mount. The aluminum VIN plate is mounted more to the Left or Right side of the frame neck. The coil bracket mount hole on the tank mount are ROUND or short "slots" with a rounded front and rear ends.I have tried to find a pattern, but so far have been unsucessful. The Italian frames are easy to detect with the small frame tubes being 25mm and the large backbone at 60mm. Frame Batch Sequence number (my term) #850#F.........# #=circle with 2 horizontal bars. Measured between the frame rail tubes 4" forward of the rear of the rear frame loop. Letter size as stamped on the aluminum plate and frame batch sequence # .

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Another likely donor came from venerable motorcycle manufacturer NSU.

n the mid 1960s an overhead-camshaft four cylinder motorcycle was the object of fantasy and an ideal of red-blooded motorcyclists everywhere.