Norton live update not updating

10-Mar-2018 12:43

I then had another automatic update complete the failed update @ AM CST.

I don't know if it was necessary, but it doesn't do any harm (I've followed this procedure on the few occasions in the past when I've had to reinstall NIS). It won't download the Download Updates or the Process Updates.And just for general knowledge, the NRT needs to be run only once - running it more than once does not do any additional clean-up.There are additional manual methods available for additional cleanup.Until now I'm still getting "Failed to complete update" error on all of them.

FWIW, as a rule of thumb - taken from the following link - holds true also even if you do not receive an error code.This all started yesterday when I tried to open my vault (NIS version running on Windows 8.1 laptop) and it failed to open after I had entered my vault password.