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Some subjects will be exciting and engaging and others you will vow never to willingly revisit.Regardless of the subject, you know from the beginning that success will require you to work—usually to work hard.Four members of my family are out there with you in this sea of blue before me—part of this great BYU class of 2018.My nephew Michael studied neuroscience and is off to medical school in Arizona.

I know firsthand what BYU does in providing an unequaled university experience, but I know equally well and even more tenderly the scrimping, saving, sacrifice, and hard work that many students and their parents have experienced in order to arrive at this moment. I was told I am to say something wise and original to you, but, being incapable of that, let me just remind you of one or two things you al President Worthen, distinguished guests, faculty, graduates, ladies, and gentlemen, I acknowledge with gratitude the privilege of receiving an honorary degree from this great university and, likewise, the opportunity of briefly addressing you today. Shane, one of my protective service officers who traveled with me, attended the dinner.

I am grateful for the effort they have all put into making this day what it is for 6,300 graduates and degree recipients. Look, I will pay the .” Sometime later I was standing on the curb at the Los Angeles International Airport, and I received a call from my son. The host asked each of the guests to introduce themselves but then added, “As you do, please tell us an important lesson that you learned during the last year.” One at a time, each person spoke.

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