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24-Apr-2018 01:18

I guess he just wanted to make his upper-body match the lower half. I have, however, noticed that he just doesn't seem to be into it this season.

Not only did he have perfect chemistry with Julianne Hough back in 2007, but he seemed to really love it.

I had the chance to meet and take a photo with him years ago, but for some reason I didn't do it.

Later on, when he first appeared on DTWS, I really started to like him, and was kicking myself for not taking a photo with him when I had the opportunity.

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He's usually known for having thick, muscular legs and thighs, but being very thin up top.Anyone trying to say that that animal is not guilty is either delusional, in diminished mental capacity or they're looking to prosper from this.'His wife Kathy added: 'This isn't a racial thing - we dont want it be like that.

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