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(I suggest that Shane wakes up in bed with a man and it’s all been a dream, à la Dallas, but she has something darker in mind): "Someone burns down The Planet cafe.

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So, Katherine Moennig – wearing nothing but a pair of pyjama bottoms – is sitting up in bed at home in LA, during a week’s break from filming Series Five of The L Word in Vancouver. And during our transatlantic one-to-one she tells me everything.

"If I saw a picture of me on that site and Perez had written something awful about me, I really don’t know how I’d feel.

It could be devastating but I guess it would depend on the context." Moving from trash culture to something a little more highbrow, Kate tells me she’s just finished Anderson Cooper’s autobiography (Dispatches From The Edge: A Memoir Of War, Disasters, And Survival): "It totally blew me away." Interestingly, Cooper was one of Out magazine’s "Top 50 Gays", although he, like our cover star, refuses to talk publicly about his sexuality. "A lot of books have really inspired me to go to different parts of the world, like Indonesia and Africa... We’ve established that spoilers seriously piss her off: "And so does technology.

It’s 10.30 Wednesday morning, the sun is streaming through an open window, and she’s just reaching for the copy of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows that lies, half-read, on her bedside table when the phone rings. Well, not everything, but surely we expect that by now.

What you might not know is that Kate’s dad is a respected violin-maker who still runs the family business in Philadelphia, and her mother, Mary Zahn, is an ex-Broadway dancer.Kate is the niece of actress Blythe Danner (who played Will’s mum in Will & Grace) and cousin to Gwyneth Paltrow.