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This coin had the inscription 開元通寶 ( which was the same as the coins cast during the reign of Emperor Gao Zu (高祖) of the Tang Dynasty.However, use of these coins gradually declined and barter again became the predominant means of exchange.The government has seen approved over twenty exchanges joining what become a popular industry, involving several major corporations.In its official statement LINE said it was establishing a new company, LINE Financial Corporation, to serve as a base to “” but did not specifically state how this would take shape.The arrow coin, though never used by the ancients, will surely prove useful to a warlike country and we see no reason why it should not be used." Unfortunately, this novel form of money was not well received by the people and, again, a money-based economy failed to be established.No specimen of this "arrow coin" is known to exist.

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Other attempts were made to create a monetary system during the next two centuries.The arrowhead was 55 mm long with the stem adding an additional 52 mm to the length.