Introvert39s guide to dating

22-Jan-2018 15:08

In this article you’ll learn: In order to manage, you must first understand.Therefore let’s first look at some basics and the key differences between introverted people and extroverts.On the other hand, extroverts have relatively low sensitivity to dopamine and therefore require large amount of outer stimulation.The reason for that is that stimuli travel a longer path through the brains of introverts.You basically block yourself and become the biggest enemy of your progress in life.

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But in order to do that, you must be an emotionally stable introvert.Understanding that can help you to realize that intrversion is not simply a personality trait, but a nervous system setting.As it will be explained later in the article, the facts stated above don’t mean that introverts can’t be social, good lecturers or performers, but definitely in a different way than extroverts.In addition to that, as an introvert make sure you don’t do the following for your own happiness: It’s also very important that you distinguish between being an introvert, and being shy or not having the courage to face your fears.

There’s a big difference between being an introvert and being afraid of public speaking, meeting people and speaking up when necessary.

Source: Image from Sami Peterson from One way for turning emotional lability around is cognitive psychology.