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30-Mar-2018 22:04

My parents were so happy she passed, and didn't even acknowledge what I got. I understand some families don't have enough money to pay of a phone, but I know my family does. Recently my mom got a new phone, same model though. My brother and sister are both in their 20s almost 30s and my parents are still paying for their devices.Sister has 5s, she asked if she could have the old SE. Altogether, my mum has a TV, a phone, an i Pad and another i Pad. My brother has a i Phone and a computer same as my sister and her husband. In year 9, 99.99999% of people have a i Phone, that part missing is just me.So let's start off by talking about how many kids have phones in my grade.

They're aint no "posting" or "snapping" we just shuck corn all day and when we're done we bathe in the river and hope they're aint no snakes.

I am excited, and it IS going to happen, but it's not going to be anything special like an i Phone X or something. I'm guessing it's going to be one of those cheap Chinese phones that can still give you a decent experience.

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