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09-Oct-2017 19:09

Save for gifts or situations where a person in a relationship is much richer or more stable than the other, people should pay for their own buddy and FWB, are pretty much synonyms A relationship has an emotional aspect, whereas the former are merely physical.

A relationship has the potential to go somewhere, but the other two are just an arrangement of convenience. Like when I think of "FWB" I think of someone that I'd still talk to and be friends with even if we weren't sleeping together, but fuck buddy seems to imply that you're really only getting together for the fuckin'.

Well, the first 2 don't really need to be around for breakfast.

You agree on a time to meet and fuck, then you go home and study for an exam.

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The idea of having purely pneumatic sex and then bidding each other adieu until the next time hormones strike feels somewhat sad to me, though I have no problems with those who do it. Some people twist the concept into all sorts of variations, some sillier than others, but what it means is simply friends, who do perfectly normal friend things and aren't in love with each other, and who every now and then shag each other's brains out. As for what is monogamous, FB and Fw B are by definition not.Mikrofon), Micro-Chip, Microfon, Micro-SD, Midlife-Crises, Milch-Shake, Mindmapping, Mini-Röckchen, Mini-Bike, Mini-Job, Mini-Jobber, Mini-Slip, Mini-Soundstation, Miss, Miss-Germany / Misses-Germany usw.

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