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09-Mar-2018 15:35

So you want to know how to travel the world as a student?

Curious how I managed to visit 17 countries in my final year of university?

With only a few hours of lectures every day (and often none on Wednesdays) I probably could have worked 30-hour weeks if I was that determined. But I did have a call centre job – and it wasn’t even as bad as it sounds.

The call centre was a part of my university so I called up alumni asking for donations and often ended up having a lovely chat.

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You can also get great discounts with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), including money off guided tours and lots of hotel and hostel accommodation.

Now, you could really go for it and do your degree in a foreign country.

But if you’re trying to figure out how to travel the world as a student, I imagine you’re already enrolled in a university somewhere at home and want to combine your studies with more journeys abroad.

Student nights are normally cheap, but when you live in London and have as much (or as little) self-restraint as I do after a few drinks you will soon find yourself crying over your bank statements.

So pre-drink at home before going out, set a budget for a night out and only bring cash. If you really want the extra security take your card but don’t touch it unless it’s an emergency (not a tequila-related emergency).

The card costs £12 or £14.99 in conjunction with ISIC.

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