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Glendale Harley-Davidson presents its Riding Academy New Rider Course on weekends and select weekdays.

The total course is about 15 hours, comprised of six hours of classroom instruction on motorcycle safety, and nine hours riding exercises and skills development.

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Throughout the evening, the experienced riders on Glendale Harley-Davidson’s crew cover the obvious concerns of burgeoning bikers, including how to overcome new-rider anxiety, proper cornering techniques, and effective stopping.Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the new rider night is the make up of the crowd. Lately, media headlines have been dropping questionable stats and biased opinions claiming Harley is struggling to appeal to millennials and has experienced a few bumps in the road when it comes to recent sales.This gathering of a dozen curious Harley enthusiasts is comprised equally of men and women of various ages and riding experience. Witnessing the turn out and being a part of this small group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are very excited and interested to learn more about how to best handle these incredible machines instills a pride and confidence in Harley that squashes any notions made by sensational and fake news.The dynamic of six men and six women seems to say a lot about the appeal of Harley and its ever expanding and evolving H. Most of the group at the information session have some sort of experience with motorcycles, either as a passenger, or having briefly toyed with learning to ride in the past.

Everyone also shares another thing in common: They are fearless.When it comes time to visit Glendale Harley’s adjacent garage to hop on a loud, high-revving (stationary) Harley Street 500 to learn the “rhythm” that it takes to maneuver this beast like a boss, no one hesitates.