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30-Jun-2018 22:36

(illustration) Disconnect the various wire harnesses on the metal door panel - don't worry about what goes where - each connector can only fit in one and only one place.Also use a flathead screwdriver to unclip the various snaps holding the wiring to the panel.Problem: The door locking mechanism - responsible for coordinating the activities of the handles, key, and alarm - is having an electronic malfunction, most likely a cracked solder joint from repeated door opening/closing.This is combined with a poor design layout that stresses internal solder joints if the locking mechanism screws loosen and allows movement of the entire unit in the door.Take care not to pull the trim panel far away from the door, as there are several wire/cable connections still in place between the trim panel and door.

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For the driver side door, you can now pull up on the entire handle/switch assembly as a unit - use moderate force to unclasp the clips holding it in place.The trim panel should now be free from the door, with several wires and cables still in place.