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This is the only place he can be hiself and let his true colors show.In the real world, and had he said it to my face it would be the last time he even thought about using the word.My mom is coming out for 2 months when I return to work to take care of the.From there we were planning on doing share care with some close friends.I like all shapes ages and sizes lol :) just want to find someone worth my time! im in northridge LOOKING FOR DISCREET FEMALE HELLO LOOKING FOR A SEXY DISCREET FEMALE FOR FUN PLEASURE, I LOVE TO GIVE ORAL AND COULD DO IT FOR HOURS, LOOKING FOR A ONE TIME THING OR A ONGOING FLING, IF INTERESTED, AGE AND RACE FREINDLYThis is kind of off topic, though has everything to do with my family, so in that vein maybe not crazy off topic.I know the breath of knowledge and experience here so though maybe you guys could help me figure this out. I've never liked anything as much as I like being a mom.Maybe I'll just go a totally different route and get him a harmonica t shirt or two.

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A little over a year ago she was in a car accident and broke her jaw in a few places and after surgery and everything she now can no longer do it without immense pain. Being a woman, if he got me a vaccuum, I'd be a little put off.

There are some here who believe my reaction to this age old slur is primal and primitive well my thoughts are such that when a person utters this word, it doesn't just come out of their mouth by mistake and their intent is blatantly clear.