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16-Mar-2018 04:06

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then i'd say write words of wisdom with your glass of wine right here in front of the screen... If I know that I am not interested in the person then no, I would not go out on a date with them. I doubt someone would ask me out or accept an invitation if they knew they were not interested in me.

However, as Celticmist said, for many people you wont know if there is an interest until you meet them. Emailing is a nice way to start then talking on the phone. I can't really tell from email and phone conversations. I just read in a person's profile that we are to choosy..there are plenty of people who would love to be on a date tonight.just need to pick someone. )His post mirrors my thoughts on this subject exactly.

I can always stay home and wash my hair I'm sure there are those who DO go out with someone they feel nothing for, but in their little world, it would beat staying home and being 'stuck' with their own company. I get asked by the local yokals..tell them "not in this or any other life time, bub!

Why be miserable alone with your non-existant personality! " But then, their idea of a date is a beer at the local "hang out" (and I don't mean a bar) then breakfast at my place. At first, very excited by my new freedom and all the exciting opportunities out there awaiting me, I was a dating machine, making up for lost time and all that.

I have an acquaintance from a long time ago, on here, she's 53, who says, "well, I need to eat ya know." And she picks one, anyone and goes out. JMHO, but I don't want to be on a pity date, nor do I want to spend time with someone who is totally incompatible with me.

Never in the least bit interested in some of these men she's accepted dates with. I recently saw a profile that really spoke to me, and made me want to contact the man ASAP.

I would have thought by now we have outgrown that mindset.

So since you are now 45 plus..you consider going out on a date with someone you know ahead of time that you wont work with in the long run with?

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...That they might not be the right person for us but it is better than not going and sitting home.