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Her six children, all from her first marriage, reportedly balked when the idea of marriage emerged.In July of this year the duchess assigned them and her grandchildren juicy chunks of her vast estate, including mansions and palaces, in an effort to appease them and clear her way to the altar.She and Diez, a social security administration employee, are old acquaintances through her second husband, who was a former Jesuit priest, and Diez's brother, an antiques dealer.They bumped into each other about three years ago outside a movie theater in Madrid and eventually started dating.

A model, SIlva knows how to work a garment; she made this gorgeous Armani Privé gown that much more perfect with her twirls and flounces. She probably could have gone without the huge statement necklace, considering all the embellishments on the... It feels unfair to compare any of the other women on the Cannes red carpet to Eugenia Silva. With dresses like hers, one has to be careful not to be overpowered by the garment - and Silva is so far from that point.Besides fabulous and historic real estate sprinkled around Spain, the family treasure boasts paintings by Goya and Velazquez, a first-edition copy of Cervantes Don Quixote, and letters written by Christopher Columbus.