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If you're travelling and want to find local matches you can change your location, but they ask that in the spirit of authenticity you add a note to your profile indicating your true location. As I mentioned previously, while the main marketing is aimed at single people, the Meet Mindful concept is all about bringing together people who have similar mindful living interests.You can state that you are married or in a relationship on your profile, and explain explicitly that you are looking for friendships. I now live in an area where I have none of my old friends around.Dating sites, despite their marketing ploys are essentially a catchall for singles.They are built on the basic precept that if you put a bunch of single people together they will naturally fall in love/hook up, just because they are single. It's like when a friend introduces you to another single friend: just because you're both single, the expectation is that you will fall in love.The platform uses geolocation to know which country you're in and find matches in your local community.

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A few hadn't bothered to write much, but some were compelling and really struck a chord with me. I have blurred her face and name out to protect her identity. This came to mind because so many people travel around these days, be it relocating for work or taking a gap year or sabbatical.

It's a lovely place to live for my daughter but my social life has taken a tumble.