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03-Dec-2017 13:06

Humor works as well as long as it comes off as natural and not forced or nervous.

You want to make friends with the regulars as well, male and female, for “social proof,” which is similar to befriending the staff.

The New Year brings DC Life’s new dating column, “He said, She Said,” where two of DC’s leading dating experts bring you their dating insights.

Jason is a Dating Coach and body language expert—his website is

The more you practice being social (regardless of environment), the easier meeting people becomes.

The human male can be a quite mysterious and profound being.

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This month’s topic, meeting a person at the gym, is a bit of a challenge because there really isn’t standard etiquette for meeting potential dates at the gym.

And, you could have fitness preferences and conversation topics in common with a potential match–you both like to swim, run, rock climb, or practice yoga. I have seen people wearing clothes with stained armpits or holes and that is not the way to go. If you want personal training to jump start your workout, consider scheduling time with a trainer.

Tour the gym to see if it has the equipment and facilities you need, and see if the type of women you are interested in work out there. In a gym, I wear cool t-shirts (as far as design, logo, or message), but that isn’t the only way to go. Many gyms give free sessions with trainers to get you to join; some even offer discounted memberships and/or sessions with trainers through daily deal websites like Living

And we women must be quite glad to being all the choosers any time they are so keen being that chasers.

The pioneer secret’s to learn everything you curently have within your spouse. Treasure your spouse for who she or he is — not for everything else you prefer them to get. Show up to the classes early so that you can chit-chat with others while waiting for the class to begin.