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Great relationships are cultivated in community with others. Hickman asked me this at my sister-in-law’s baby shower recently, I was grateful that even after years of living in a different place, they still cared about the big things happening in my life.

When I’m asked this question, it’s typically because the person asking the question cares about me and has seen the good Logan brings out in me, not because someone wants to be able to write a date down in their planner. “Let me tell you about what we’re looking forward to in our future.” One could say this is a way to deflect the question, but I like this answer because it shows that the most exciting thing to me in my current relationship isn’t necessarily an upcoming engagement or wedding day, but the other fun things we have planned.

I’ve found that I often experience the most discontentment in my relationship with Logan when I feel bombarded by the question.

One of the most honest ways you can respond is by gently explaining that to someone.

Depending on who is asking, one of my favorite tongue-in-cheek answers is simply “You should ask him,” followed by a sweet smile :) Depending on your relationship with the person asking the question, it’s okay to politely ask them to refrain from asking.

I hesitated to add this one, but in the end, I think it’s one of the most important ways you can respond to this question.

Whether you’re focusing on building your individual life and passions, dating to see who is right for you, or you’re in a relationship and taking things at your own speed, we want you to feel confident in the place you’re in.

When you’re equipped to handle all the relationships (romantic or otherwise) in your life well, the day that you ready to plan a life with someone, you’ll have a rich and deep well of experiences to draw from.

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I’m from a small town in North Carolina, where the ladies from my home church were some of the first to change my diaper and rock me in the church nursery.

They’ve watched me grow up over the past almost-27 years, and they genuinely love celebrating milestones in my life with me. The heart behind Southern Weddings isn’t about beautiful pictures—it’s about relationships.