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A 39-year-old witness told of the girl's sickening death, which he said he was forced to watch after being held responsible for a missing shipment of marijuana.

The witness, a convicted trafficker who was not named for his own protection, told the court he was forced to witness 18 killings in a single night as punishment for losing the drugs, and as a warning to cover the loss, My San Antonio reports.

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In 1924, it was named the national dance of Mexico in an effort to bring together several different cultures together as one national identity.

Since then, it became the national dance, and it has also become a symbol of Mexico around the world, especially in the United States.

Among them was the six-year-old girl who he butchered on the patio of her home in front of her parents to ensure they would 'remember' him.

The killings were all carried out in Mexico but because Millan was working living in San Antonio, Texas, and was arrested there, he was prosecuted in US court and will serve his sentence there.

Zetas was formed in 1997 by a group of Special Forces defectors which served the larger cartel and acted as enforcers for them.

Millan was arrested in July 2015 in the San Antonio home where he was living under a fake name.

Despite the fact that the killings were carried out in a foreign country, because Zetas has links to the US, the government allowed the case to be tried in Texas.

More than 300 people including men, women and children were all abducted from towns across Coahuila state, the witness said.

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