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Dating from about 1720, the house has many late-medieval features common during the 1600s.Note: Architecture from the Netherlands in the New World The John Teller House is a Dutch Colonial home in the Stockade neighborhood of Schenectady, NY. Photo © Jackie Craven Settling along the Hudson River in the land that became New York State, Dutch colonists built brick and stone homes like those found in the Netherlands.American Federal houses have many of these features: It's easy to confuse Federalist architecture with the earlier Georgian Colonial style.The difference is in the details: While Georgian homes are square and angular, a Federal style building is more likely to have curved lines and decorative flourishes.

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Spanish Revival, Mission, and Neo-Mediterranean homes often have details inspired by the Colonial past. When it was built in the early 1700s, the González-Alvarez House probably had one story and a flat roof. Augustine, Florida, the González-Alvarez House is made using Colonists design homes for a flood-prone territory French Colonial Style Parlange Plantation, 1750, New Roads, Louisiana. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints/Photos Div.

However, Federalist details are often incorporated into modern American homes.