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26-Jun-2017 12:46

If Totzke’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he and ISARA co-founder Mike Brown led development of security systems for Black Berry for more than a decade. Now, imagine that startup is led by seasoned experts who, in their previous lives, helped build a -billion company that changed the way the world communicates. Or, you could head to Westmount Road North in Waterloo, to the Quantum Valley Investments building, and talk to Scott Totzke, CEO of ISARA Corporation.

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Long before anyone had heard of an i Phone, their work made Black Berry the only trusted mobile device for world leaders, corporate tycoons, intelligence agents and anyone else who needed to safely share sensitive information on the go.

And that’s where, finally, the huge market comes in.

ICT (information and communications technology) is a -trillion-and-growing industry, placing 18-month-old ISARA at the leading edge of an enormous opportunity.

Unlike a less-mature startup, “It doesn’t take us two or three years to establish credibility,” he said. “We have a great talent pool in the region, whether it’s academic research, low-level developers and implementers to make this stuff work, or experienced leadership to pull together a vision and execute it – I mean, it’s all sitting right here.” That talent pool, he said, enabled ISARA “to very quickly go from two people in April of last year to 21 people today.

And we’re even starting to draw talent into the region from outside of Kitchener-Waterloo; we’ve got three folks so far who have relocated from Toronto to be part of the solution, part of the team.

That’s where the hard problem comes in – and ISARA, in collaboration with world-leading quantum researchers based in Waterloo, has developed a software toolkit to solve it.