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Her best friends in this series were Maria Slater and Tia Ramirez and Andy Marsden.Elizabeth goes through a lot of changes in college, ending both her relationship with Todd Wilkins and her friendship with Enid (now Alexandra) Rollins. She gains a friend in African-American student, Nina Harper, whom she bonds with because of them being studious.Her twin sister, Jessica was portrayed by Cynthia's twin, Brittany Daniel.

This ends when Todd's ex-girlfriend is diagnosed with cancer and he decides that he must be with her.

Her first boyfriend and first love was Todd Wilkins.

She first fell for him in a way when she saw him in kindergarten and offered him a tissue when he was crying. It wasn't until high school that her goal of being with Todd became a reality.

The couple stayed together for a long time, until the Jungle Prom when a jealous Jessica spiked Elizabeth's drink to keep her from winning Prom Queen.

The alcohol led a drunken Elizabeth to get into a car with Jessica's boyfriend Sam, ultimately leading to his death in a drunk driving accident. But after Liz and Todd work things out, they get back together and are a couple again.She furiously ended her relationship and Todd began a serious relationship with her as two professional models.

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