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Although she was not as strong as Jake or older dragons she was way faster.

Like her brother Jake, Haley possesses dragon powers.

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Ever since twelfth-grade in high school, Susan kept secret from Jonathan the truth about her family of "magical reptiles", having been reluctant to reveal it to him while trying to work up the courage to tell him that magical creatures are real out of fear of how he would react – that he would freak out and possibly leave her, which he nearly did.Haley also takes delight in making her brother look less than competent as a dragon.However, like most troublesome siblings, she actually has a deep rooted respect for Jake, and when she was required to step up and take on the duties of Substitute American Dragon for two weeks, she finally and fully realized exactly what all her brother had to deal with on a daily basis.i love art , music, sport, writing, reading, dinning out, hanging out with my loved woman. It sure beats wasting your time on dates that never get you anywhere or waiting around for serendipia to take over.

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She is Jake and Haley's mother, as well as the daughter of the previous Chinese Dragon Lao Shi, and Jonathan's wife.