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At the car Darlene waited for a women wearing a satin robe with bound wrists to be loaded into the passenger seat in the car beside hers by a younger man, probably her son she thought.

At the hospital an hour later however the news the doctor provided wasn't so glowing and to a bandaged Tyson and his boss, quite sobering. "The burns on your face were superficial, the concussion minor but at this point we're just not sure if the damage to your eyes will repair." The doctor continued. The loss of vision I would equate to directly looking at the sun for an extended period of time." Tyson threw his head back on the pillow in an exaggerated display of despair.

The morphine was affecting his reasoning and he joked with his employer.

Her nipples pronounced, a strip of tanned skin at the midriff and a wonderful bulge of pussy. "Don't you ever scare me like this again, you hear." "Hey I didn't mean it to happen. Trust me those doctors don't know what they're talking about. Darlene was now thankful he hadn't already found something. When you're ready we'll try and set it up if you want." "Yeah, um that'd be good." As he listened to her move back into the kitchen he could still smell her perfume next to him. Darlene herself couldn't notice any difference in his eyes either. " She laughed and flicked her hand quickly towards his face. " Darlene's heart broke to see her son in such emotional pain.

"Thank you Bert, I'm sorry if I was a little abrupt when I arrived." "No that's fine." He had the opportunity now to appreciate the woman from the front and wasn't disappointed. Darlene lifted her son's hand and kissed his knuckles. Therefore since obtaining a full time job he'd been living at home with his mother until he saved enough for a deposit and repayments. As you said, I should be resting." He reached out, his palm upwards to take the phone from her and misjudged her distance from him. "I think there's voice recognition stuff on them isn't there? "No Mom, it's all good." He lay back on the couch and as he fell asleep he thought of the feeling of his mother's soft breast, heavy in his hand. Tyson went to open his eyes and unable to do so immediately remembered the situation. I was dreaming I was in Walmart and I was nak..." He stopped before he discussed his naked Walmart sex dream with his mother. The burns to his forehead looked not much worse than a severe sunburn. Arabella sensed their eyes on her back, felt them lusting after her nudity.

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